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webThemes will help you develop your business by establishing your site with Google. Our web design in Wollongong will achieve strong visibility in the search results, with click-throughs to your site. Prospects will be thrilled by the design and your product presentation. 

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Content marketing Wollongong web design

SEO is paramount with a Wollongong web design

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be visible on the first page of Google – even in the top 3 or at no. 1 – for queries relating to products or services you provide in Wollongong or in the surrounding area?

webThemes will partner with you to make this a possibility.

Copywriting with content marketing are our strong point

Earlier I mentioned the prospective customer appraising your website. They are not alone – Google also evaluates your site’s contents (I explain this below). 

So content, in the form of text, video, and images has to be first-rate. webThemes makes it so.

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Wollongong performance statistics

Performance stats

Google Analytics is a free analytics service that provides insights like the number of people landing on a landing page, where they exit from, and the number of pages visited. Also: whether they leave quickly, the device type they use, and session history.

Wollongong search engine optimisation


SEO is about lifting a website to the head of search engine results pages so that it achieves more visitors. It is also instrumental in gaining more conversions once prospects are on the site. Get on top in Wollongong.

Wollongong online sales

Online sales

eCommerce allows you to go beyond your normal mode of selling. Let webThemes construct the sales site and connect to your bank via the payment gateway. Sell in Wollongong.

Wollongong photography service

Photography service

webThemes has a semi-professional photographer who can take images of your business. Google advises that photos specific to a business are superior to using stock photos. Ask webThemes to give you a price for photos in and around Wollongong.

Wollongong content writing

Content writing

Our content writer has decades of experience in writing and produces the type of content you see on this page. He is also adept at content marketing which publishes content that inspires strangers to become fans and fans to become customers.

Wollongong website development

Web design

Our website design in Wollongong starts with a wireframe or mockup. Images, fonts, and a colour scheme are chosen. Content is created and your web design is reworked until you are happy.

Make a beautiful web presence

It has never been easier to create a website design in Wollongong.

web design steps

Website: Concept to Operation

This article – at the beginner level – discusses the website cycle from when a website is conceived, through to ongoing maintenance.

Web Development

  1. Domain name selection and hosting for a Wollongong website
  2. Promotion planning (types: Google My Business, PPC, SEO, Social media, etc)
  3. Create the design
  4. Develop / obtain content for promotion types (images, text, video, etc)
  5. Test that the external and internal links, fit on different devices, etc works
  6. Optimise the site for search engines (SEO)


  1. How your website gets seen, selected by prospects, and how it serves you
  2. Performance management with Google Analytics
  3. PPC performance
  4. Monitor performance over time
  5. Social Media metrics
  6. Maintain the web pages over time

Web Development

I’ll be referring to the acronym SERP a few times – this stands for Search Engine Results Page and is where Google lists the pages resulting from the user’s search. See below for a sample portion of a SERP.

1. Domain name selection and website hosting

A domain name is the unique address (globally) of anything connected to the internet, including a website. For example, www.webthemes.com.au is the domain name for the one you are on at the moment.

How you formulate your domain name is important for aspects of SEO, both for Google and site visitors. webThemes will help you to create an appropriate one.

When a hosting provider allocates space on a computer for a website to store its files and serve the web pages on the internet, they are performing a hosting service. For most businesses, website hosting need not be expensive.

See this article for more information.

2. Promotion planning (promotion types: SEO, PPC, Social media, etc)

There are numerous methods to market a website in Wollongong and further afield, and some planning needs to happen as to which one(s). Pay Per Click (PPC), Google My Business, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and social media are some of these.

PPC: If you wish to speed up the process of being found, you can use Google Ads whereby you are given a place in the top or bottom slots of each physical page of the SERP, plus exposure on Google’s partner sites. For every click on your website’s entry on the SERP you pay a certain amount depending on how much priority you put on it. Keywords are of primary importance here, as well as in SEO.

Google My Business Another method, worthwhile doing, is to register with this free service from Google. It lists local businesses in a special area between the first set of Ads and organic SEO results (see example below).

SEO: Search engines need to know the details of your website in order to index it, similar to a book index but far more complex. When you produce keywords and include them in your site, a search engine is able to find your web pages in the index when a person searching the web types those same words in. There are many different aspects to SEO, keyword analysis being one. Another important one is content writing or copywriting.

Social Media: Assuming you want to use social media to promote your website, the usual strategy is to use Facebook to channel traffic to your website. Then the challenge is to attract users to your FB page.

Below is a partial SERP split between Ads, Google My Business, and organic SEO. The keyword or search term was plumbers north shore sydney.

Image 1 shows the segment for Google Ads – notice the letters Ad in the first position of the first line of each entry.

web design process includes Google Ads
Google Ads

Image 2 depicts the segment for Google My Business, the free list of local businesses.

web design process includes google my business
Google My Business

Image 3 is the area for websites which are subject to organic SEO – the non-paid, non-Google My Business listings. Each entry shows the URL (Page ID), Page Title (in blue), and Description

web design process eg organic SEO

Image 4 puts it all together

web design process eg SERP
search engine results page

3. Create and design

This step is where the web designer and client create or select the design elements for the website. Some designs are taken from a selection of pre-made designs (templates) while some are developed from scratch. Below is an example partial design.
Wollongong Web Design

4. Develop / obtain content for promotion types (images, text, video, etc)

A fun part, though it can be frustrating finding the right ones, is collecting together the most appealing and appropriate images, and videos (if used). The client should strongly consider taking their own photos or having someone else to do it – such photos would  showcase the business. Google recommends business-specific images.

Copywriting has to be done by someone with very good, if not excellent, writing skills. Your website is in front of all who are searching for it, and will be judged on its merits, including its ability to convey information clearly.

5. Test that each web page and their links work (external and internal links, fitting on different devices, etc)

Testing is an important part of web development: this is where you test all internal links (those pointing to within your site), and those which point to other sites. Also testing that your site is fully responsive – ensuring it runs smoothly on all device types (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

6. Optimise the website for search engines (SEO)

Note that this is done throughout the first stage (Website Development), and is fine-tuned when the site is in operation.

“We analyzed 5 million Google search results to better understand organic click through rate.” [i]

“The #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7%.” [ii]

This means that 31.7% of queries in organic search resulted in a click on the first position, with the second and third positions having about 16% and 12% click-through rate respectively. Some analysts say the percentage of click-throughs from the first 3 positions is even higher.

Keywords There are different ways you can determine a list of potential keywords:

Brainstorm from your own experience, assisted by the web designer.

Visit your competitors’ websites and analyse its apparent keywords.

Use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner. Note: while Google Ads is Google’s pay per click system, the planner is free (for now at least).

Topic Relevance Of course, your content – text, images, etc – apart from the keywords, has to be relevant to Google and to the human reader. Google’s index software analyses text, image tags (internal ‘captions’), text structure, potential plagiarism, and more. If relevant to Google and the searcher, you are well on the way for a good position in the SERP.

Links Internal and external links are important also. They tell Google what you consider important on your site (internal), and lend credibility by other sites (external).

Other important elements Other elements include: structure of URLs, title tags, meta description, header tags, use of semantically similar words in the text, etc. There are apparently about 200 elements used by Google in its task to rank each website, but it does not say what the full list is.

[i] https://backlinko.com/google-ctr-stats by Brian Dean · Updated Aug. 27, 2019

[ii] ibid

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1. How your website gets seen and selected by prospects

After a good dose of SEO, your pages will be ready to tackle your competition in the SERP. This means that when a prospect searches in Google, the search term they use will be compared by Google to its already created index.

When the prospective customer clicks on your results page entry, they will be presented with your website. See Image 3 above showing the SERP entries.

Your Wollongong web design, as presented, will stand by itself in terms of marketing: well-designed pages with strong SEO will be optimal and ready to gain new customers.

The easiest way to see how your site is performing in the results pages is to enter one or more of your keywords in Google and see what position you’ve gained.

2. Performance management with Google Analytics

GA is free and is comprehensive. With it you can view total SERP impressions (the number of times your entry is listed in the SERP, not necessarily seen by the searcher), Web impressions by unique visitor, number of pages visited, how often each page is visited, average time a visitor spends on your site, and more.

3. PPC performance

If you were to use Google Ads (PPC), there are a number of metrics you can track such as Number of Impressions, Cost, Number of Clicks on your ad, etc. You have to create a set of keywords, as with organic SEO, though often a subset of your SEO phrases.

4. Monitor performance over time

Over time your website SEO will need maintenance – there are several reasons why it can fall on the results pages:

  • Backlinks need to be maintained and added to. These are links in from other sites.
  • New competitors join the fray or competitors improve their SEO.
  • Google’s algorithms – the way they measure your optimisation – change

5. Social Media metrics

Face Book for example has an array of measurements. Please see https://sproutsocial.com/insights/facebook-metrics/ for 11 of them.

6. Maintain the website over time

As time progresses – how much time depends on many factors, the website will require changes. These range from needing new pages (eg a blog), correcting errors, changing areas of text, changing images, etc.

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