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Chapter 1

Where would web design be without the design?

Your website’s design incorporates colours, font styles, use of graphics, use of photos, sound files, etc.

And of course placement of all the elements on the web page.

Images are more eye-catching than text — just as the sentences marked as bold are more catch the eye more than plain text. 

You should always focus on your audience. For example, if you are aiming at accountants, are you speaking their language?

Why might they be reading the content of your site? How much time do they have to look at your website? Users, in general, are notorious for leaving a site very quickly if it doesn’t suit them.

How does your website compare to your competitors’ sites? How interested are they in what you are describing? If you adopt this approach, your content is far more likely to be pertinent – and hence they are more inclined to remain on your site.

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Chapter 2

Ah yes, but without SEO it wouldn't be seen

As the heading above  says: without SEO (search engine optimisation) your website will not be found on the web. 

This is where keyword analysis, good writing, the number of backlinks, and a bunch of more technical issues (meta tags, image tags, etc) are important.

There are numerous ways you can compile a list of keywords:

  • Ones you know from experience
  • Visiting your competitors’ websites
  • Use of Google (Adwords) Keyword Planner. 

Backlinks from other sites take time to develop but rank highly in SEO terms. They add credibility to a website. 

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Chapter 3

Then there's content marketing

Content marketing enables you to develop an audience by publishing, preserving, and spreading consistent content that educates, entertains, and inspires to turn strangers into followers and followers into customers.

There are four key reasons for using content marketing. They are to:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Launch your reputation
  • Support SEO
  • Increase income

Produce content that people want to engage with, rather than force-feeding your message, and your job as a marketer becomes so much easier. Whether it’s website visitors, social media followers or paying customers, great content will help you expand your profile and build a captive audience.

5+ Years Experience

Experience Counts

WebThemes has over five years of experience. This experience covers design, SEO, content writing, content marketing, eCommerce, site photography, and the creation of area/suburb pages.

We will not let you down. You can expect, and you will get:

  • Experience in selecting a domain name and hosting service provider
  • Excellent page and site design skills
  • SEO expertise which will place you near, or at, the top of Google’s search results
  • Pointers to sell more via online sales
  • Exceptional content writing skills
  • Content marketing finesse so that you engage with clients
  • Research techniques to source the best images  
  • Know-how in reaching customers beyond your local suburb
  • Attention to detail
  • 100% effort to achieve your goals

Our Web design services in full

Domain Name

Domain names are quite critical to your website’s success – they need to be short and memorable. Enlist webThemes to assist in achieving a top name for your Strathfield website.

Website Design

The actual design comprises layout, font-colours and types, images, graphics, and more. It has to be married to the content of course, to create an integrated whole.


Should you need an eCommerce site, webThemes will accommodate you. Let us set up the pages and products and connect to your bank via the payment gateway.


Search Engine Optimisation is the link between you and your customers. We’ll implement the best keyword analysis, realise technical SEO, and take care of many other aspects.

Content Writing

webThemes has exceptional writing skills to enable your site to clearly and persuasively connect to your customers in Strathfield and other suburbs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating a bond with your customers by providing notable and practical information. This bond, in time, will result in sales. 


webThemes can take images of staff and products. Photos of your own workplace are superior to stock images anytime.

Suburb pages

We can build landing / suburb pages to enable operations to cover specific suburbs or areas next to Strathfield.