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We live in Sydney and have been designing websites for over 4 years.  The owner, Trevor Reeves, has 30 years IT experience with large systems.

We are proficient in all web design activities and pride ourselves in the quality of our SEO copywriting.  This gives you the edge when it comes to us writing copy which appeals to human readers as well as to the search engines.

In the importance stakes, copywriting is ahead of actual design...if Google is not placing you near the top and users are not converted to customers, you are wasting your time.

Whose responsibility are web design activities?

  1. CLIENT: Set overall objectives and site architecture
  2. DESIGNER: Create a prototype for significant pages – colour scheme, fonts, images
  3. CLIENT:
    • To actively review and give feedback on design prototypes
    • Write copy in full or in preparation for copywriter
  4. DESIGNER: Load copy to the website
  5. BOTH: Iterate between modification and review
  6. CLIENT: Work with designer on finer elements of design
  7. DESIGNER: Carry out technical SEO

Successful North Sydney SEO

The partner to an excellent website is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The two are what will give you success in Google's eyes. Google comprehensively evaluates your website and SEO in order to rank you on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Let's take a look at some SEO tips.


Attaining the best keywords (search terms) is the number one priority for SEO.

SEO Graphic

Firstly, see what keywords the competitors above you in Google results are using. Then brainstorm your own list from experience - what do you think a website searcher would type in to Google?

Sign up to a free Google Adwords account and access the Keyword Planner tool to research:

  • Keyword ideas based on a phrase or product category you enter
  • Average monthly search volume for a given keyword

You can use a great keyword analysis tool from which rates your suggested keyword from "easy" to "don't do it"; easy meaning that, for the keyword, competition is low. The tool also lists the Google page 1 competitors.

The keyword objective is to to find keywords with an acceptable demand and weak competition. This is where webThemes' expertise is outstanding for SEO North Sydney.


Link building - creating what are known as backlinks - is perhaps the second-highest priority in search engine optimisation.

seo backlinks

A backlink is simple to define but not so easy to attain in numbers: it is a hyperlink on another website which points to your site. But not just any other has to be reputable in Google's eyes and be in context. Not much point in the dairy industry association having a backlink to you if you are a plumber.

The reason they are important is that by having reputable backlinks your value to searchers goes up and Google is driven by providing a valuable service to its searchers. Also you get more traffic directed to your site.

First of all, add your business to reputable directories such as Yelp and Hotfrog.  Then check your competitors' backlinks: offers a limited number of free checks per month.  Another action is to create videos and post them to YouTube - as well as the benefit of getting your message out there, it creates backlinks.

Acquire links naturally, steadily and organically over time.


Under this heading are a variety of tasks though the list is not fully exhaustive. It gives you an idea of the work which needs to be done.

Create search engine friendly URLs (page addresses).

Check with your CMS, eg WordPress, as to the format of the URL when a new one's created. A good format example is the one for this page: https://change this. It is short, contains the page keyword, uses hyphens, etc. See for a full explanation of a search engine friendly URL (which is also user-friendly by the way).

Add links on the home page, to pages you want visible to search engines and visitors

By placing internal links on the home page you make sure Google understands the value of pages, the relationship between pages and the relevance of pages. Internal links are frequently mentioned on the internet as being an important SEO factor.

Complete the meta tags on your site

You can improve your brand and increase your earnings with a webThemes website.

A North Sydney website by webThemes features:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get you noticed
  • Responsive web design for all devices
  • Excellent copy to capture your audience
  • Website development by professionals
  • A low cost to fit your budget

You'll benefit from buying a webThemes website as it will be a store that's open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. It will be a showcase for your products. 

Chat to us:
0401 054 534

So, with the best web designer qualities, and the right website features, you can intensify your brand and expand your income.

Check out this sample website

This video shows how webThemes achieved 2nd place on Google for the Theresa foot Clinic, done using SEO.  Then it shows a scrolling screenshot of the site

A short video is a great way to enhance a website. It adds interest and helps to entice the user to stay longer on the site.


3 Tips in Passing

If nothing else, remember these three things when buying a website:

  1. Sort out who is going to write the copy. If it's the web designer, make sure you choose one who writes well. I've seen some bad copy and it diminishes the site.
  2. Take control of the images going onto your website. Where possible supply your own and if possible have some photos taken of your business to choose from for the site.
  3. This one's tricky but crucial: good quality SEO is what determines how many leads you get, but how do you know whether the web designer is also proficient at SEO? Ask him questions such as "What are the steps you go through with SEO?" Try to do some homework on SEO beforehand.


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