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Web services and marketing for a compelling Miranda website

webThemes will deliver web design services in Miranda, NSW which are out of the ordinary and incorporate skillful SEO and content marketing.

If you want something different, give us a ring.

We craft SEO that achieves high rankings, design that compels, and content marketing to complement both of those.

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Website Design

We use new web design trends so that our websites stand out from the others in Miranda and surrounding suburbs.  We practice SEO to shift your website up the search engine results page.

Website Services

You'll benefit from the caliber of our services because we build simple, practical websites that your customers will find easy to use. We'll strongly promote your products or services and grow your business in Miranda.

Content Writing

This is a very important part of website design where images and words are chosen and merged into an integrated whole. The message is told in an informative, persuasive way and targets both Google and the viewer.

Our Promise

webThemes promises to deliver web design in Miranda with:

  • Outstanding service. For example, we’ll keep you informed of progress and be fast to respond to required changes.
  • Impressive web design. Newcomers to your site must be met with high usability and utility. Some eye-catching features such as motion should be used.
  • Exceptional SEO. Without this, your website is like a shout on a cliff-top in a gale. The primary element of SEO is the creation and use of keywords, but there are many more aspects to it.
  • Ancillary Services. These include offering CMS, eCommerce, and photography services.

Our Services

Domain Name

Your domain name is very important. webThemes will help you to find a succinct, memorable one.

Website Design

We begin design with wireframe or mockup. Images are selected, fonts picked and the colour scheme is chosen. Web design is done in iterations until you are satisfied.


Online sales enable you to reach beyond your Miranda bricks and mortar. Let webThemes set up your eCommerce store. See the link on the title above for more....


Search Engine Optimisation is the link between you and your customers in Miranda and around. We'll carry out keyword analysis and ensure all other elements are in place.

Content writing

webThemes has excellent content writing skills to complement the web design and enable your Miranda site to clearly and persuasively connect to customers.


You can make your own changes to content on your site. This can save time and give you more control. Training can be given as ancillary to web design Miranda.


webThemes has an experienced photographer who can take images of staff or products. Great workplace images will perfect your website design.

A Sample of our Work

web design

Theresa Foot Clinic


PowerTech Electrical


Fine Art Photographs


Clean Fine Cleaning

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Online Marketing

Types of Online Marketing

Online marketing is another name for digital marketing and covers any business promotion viewed on a computer or other digital device. It includes the types: advertising, content marketing, SEO, etc. However, this brief article is not considering advertising per se.

The different types of online marketing are:

Pay per Click (PPC): with this type of marketing a website business pays the search engine to show a link to its site in a prominent position on its SERPs

Content marketing: distribution of material in order to build your reputation, create awareness of your business, and increase sales.

Search engine optimization: SEO is the process of enhancing the content on your website in order to rank it higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and thereby attract more traffic.

Social media marketing: Using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc to build new and existing relationships and to direct traffic to your website.

Email marketing: Sending regular marketing emails to users who have signed up to your email list.

Influencer marketing: Using people with a strong profile and a large number of  followers on social network channels to promote your product.

Some Online Marketing Tips

  1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience may mean appealing to buyers within a niche rather than broadcasting to all potential buyers.  You should understand your audience’s pains, problems, goals, and priorities.

What is pushing them to make a purchasing decision? How are they making the decision? Knowing these things will help you use conversation that captures their attention and make a compelling reason to choose your product.

  1. Create a website

A website is the cornerstone of your online marketing.   It contains your key messages, images and contact details. It helps build your reputation and is the best repository for marketing information.

  1. Determine your types

Initially you need to plan which types of online marketing you’ll use – PPC, Content, etc. Try them out then use some different or additional ones. Don’t cast them in stone.

  1. Social Media

Using Social Media is not for everyone. Facebooking is probably more attuned to dynamic companies with changing messages and products. They require frequent (daily or weekly) updates which need a freshness about them.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is very good, if done properly, for your website’s visibility. “Properly” means the articles have to be well written, topical, and optimised for search engines (SEO). Blogging can lead a prospect to your site via SEO and links from other sites, and can hold their attention once there.

Content Marketing

Here are a few lines from a webThemes blog article on content marketing. Rather than advertising or push marketing being your focus, it is worth considering this approach.

A content marketing strategy is a plan for building an audience by publishing, maintaining, and spreading frequent and consistent content that educates, entertains, or inspires to turn strangers into fans and fans into customers.”

There are four key reasons for using content marketing. They are to:

  • Build your brand
  • Establish your reputation
  • Support SEO
  • Increase income

Produce content that people want to engage with, and your job as a marketer is made so much easier. Whether it’s newsletter subscribers, website visitors, social media followers or paying customers, great content will help you raise your profile and build a captive audience.”

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