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Web Design in Five Dock

We will get your website ranked on page one for the keywords and locations you want. Our ultimate aim is to be in the top three sites.

The number of click-throughs to the website from the search results page will be monitored.

There are no extras in the pricing or they are clearly stated up-front.


Our Main Services

Website Design

We use new trends so that our website design stands out from the crowd in Five Dock and surrounding suburbs.  We practice search engine optimisation (SEO) to chase your website up the Google listing.

Website Services

You will benefit from the quality of our services because we build simple, practical websites that your customers will find easy to use. We will strongly promote your products or services and grow your business.

Content Writing

This is the all-important part where images and words are chosen and merged into an integrated whole. The message is told in an informative, persuasive way and targets both Google and the Five Dock reader.

A Sample of our Work

web design

Theresa Foot Clinic


PowerTech Electrical


Fine Art Photographs


Clean Fine Cleaning

Full Services in Five Dock

Domain Name

How you create your domain name is important. webThemes will help you to find a concise, memorable one.

Website Design

We begin design with a mockup. Images, fonts, and the colour scheme are selected. Web design is done in iterations until you are satisfied.


eCommerce (online sales) enables you to reach beyond bricks and mortar. webThemes will set up the products and connect to your bank via the payment gateway.


Search Engine Optimisation is the link between you and your customers. We'll carry out keyword analysis and ensure all other activities are done.

Content writing

webThemes has excellent writing skills to enable your Five Dock web design to clearly and persuasively connect to your customers


If you wish you can make your own changes to content on your site. Training can be given to enable this.


webThemes has a semi-professional photographer who can take images of staff or products

Web Design Process

This article outlines the process involved in designing a website, starting with setting the site’s goals through to testing the site.

  1. Set Goals

In the first stage, the developer has to identify the goals of the website design together with the client and other involved people. Write out one or more goals which could save a lot of time later. Understand the website’s target audience, and develop a working knowledge of the competition.

  1. Define Scope

The designer and client should write down the scope of the website project to identify functionality and features. Software projects have a tendency to suffer from “scope-creep” leading to a blow-out in time and budget.

  1. Sitemap & Wireframe

This step involves producing a “map” of the website so that the client can comment on its layout before the site is built.

A sitemap, though not set in stone, will set out the website blueprint for the designer to follow. As well as showing the page hierarchy, it may also show internal links.

Wireframes come in different guises: from using pencil and paper, through to those done with computer-based tools such as JustInMind. A wireframe will indicate the layout and design elements.

  1. Content Creation

This step consists of producing the text, images, graphics etc of the website and has an impact on SEO.

Content has to engage the reader and attempt to compel them to take the actions desired by the site owner. This involves both the content itself and how it’s presented (the website design).

Content is also directed at search engines and the main tool here is the shaping of keywords.

  1. Visual Elements

This part of the design process will sometimes be shaped by existing brand elements, colour choices, and logos.

Images illustrate stories, present products or services, and can be decorative. An image can be photographic or graphical in nature.

  1. Development

Depending on the complexity of the website, for example does it use a back-end database, does it involve software such as javascript, sass and Jquery, the development step consists of software programming.

  1. Test and Adjust

The test phase involves a member of the team in testing developed software; and in ensuring all links are working and that every page of the site sizes correctly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This is also where the client reviews the site to ensure it meets their needs, prior to the launch.

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Post Design Process

SEO process
  1. A critical function of SEO: achieving a slot at or near the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  2. Based on the SERP position (50-60% of users choose the first position), and what the viewer sees on the SERP, ie the Title and Description, they click through to the actual website.
  3. SEO also assists with converting the prospective customer to a “lead” – someone who is interested in buying your product. 
  4. Now the website owner is responsible for servicing the phone call, email, etc.

Which SEO factors rank highest?

I was checking to see where webThemes was ranked after I queried Google (on a mobile) for web design five dock. webThemes was ranked 7th with 2 of the 6 above me being directories. This was an effective ranking of 5 amongst web design competitors.

I decided I wanted to see why this might be the case and what I could do to improve my ranking, so I selected 3 of the higher competitors and did a comparison of SEO factors.

After looking at a few sites, asking the question top seo factors, I chose searchenginejournal.com (SEJ) as a reference – because I tended to agree with it and it is a requested website. The 4 sites I looked at gave different factors, which was interesting.

SEJ’s factors are[i]:

FactorPrimarily SEO or Web Design Activity
1.      High Quality ContentSEO
2.      Mobile FriendlyWeb design #
3.      Secure Website (HTTPS)Web design #
4.      User ExperienceWeb design #
5.      Page SpeedWeb design #
6.      On-Page OptimisationSEO
7.      BacklinksSEO

# While it is a design activity it is an optimisation measure

My ratings (of course I’m biased) are:

  1. High Quality Content

Site 1 had four blocks of text, all selling the business. There were no articles to help a viewer understand what web design is. There was one element which had a grey background and the words Sorry! Something went wrong.

Site 2 had almost no content – only 3 standard paragraphs suggesting that this is almost the same format for numerous suburb pages.

Site 3 consisted of a pleasing web page with four panels extolling their virtues

webThemes included five panels of sales talk followed by an article on the web design process. The only site with content which wasn’t sales pitch.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Site 1 Apart from the Sorry! Something went wrong mistake, it was a flawless mobile display.

Sites 2 & 3 10/10 for mobile friendliness

Webthemes  The landing page was 10/10 but the Home page has issues with three of the images.

  1. Secure Website

All four websites are HTTPS (secure).

  1. User Experience

A good user experience would mean that:

  • the user visited your website,
  • scrolled through the different pages,
  • understood what the website is all about, and
  • finally, got what they wanted.[ii]

Site 1 is a brief page, so user experience is minimal.

Site 2 Little to none experience to judge but it’s fine.

Site 3 10/10 for mobile user experience

webThemes 10/10 for mobile user experience

  1. Page Speed (using Google’s page speed measure)

Site 1 22%

Site 2 45%

Site 3 6%

webThemes 29% (2nd from top)

  1. On-Page Optimisation

These are the “technical” SEO features and as I don’t have access to the other sites this factor could not be evaluated.

  1. Backlinks

This is the number of links from other websites to these websites – thus providing a measure of authority in the eyes of search engines. The higher the number the better.

Site 1  172

Site 2  27,800

Site 3  66,000

webThemes 10

I concluded that while Google tells us to produce high-quality content, as a factor it seems not to achieve a high ranking. What does seem to matter is the number (the quality of which I don’t know) of backlinks. 

Update: 13/3/2021

I’ve revised my thinking on content after moving from 13th place on the SERP with keywords web design five dock to 3rd, after adding two articles on the landing page. I’m something of a convert to quality content as an SEO factor.


[i] https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-guide/ranking-signals/#close; Anna Crowe Jul 6 2018

[ii] https://blog.prototypr.io/improve-website-user-experience-c2be20c3b75a#:~:text=%E2%80%9CUser%20experience%20(UX)%E2%80%9D,abilities%2C%20and%20also%20their%20limitations.&text=the%20user%20visited%20your%20website,website%20is%20all%20about%2C%20and  Akshay Dhiman Nov 26 2018

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Some web content quotes

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – @MarketingProfs 

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.”  @brianclark 

“Here’s everything you need to know about creating killer content in 3 simple words: Clear. Concise. Compelling.” – @demianfarnworth