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SEO Services Defined

SEO Definition

Search Engine Optimisation is all about achieving a first page showing on the search engine results page. Note that I said the first page – if you’re not on page 1 you don’t have much chance of being seen.

Also, note I’m not talking about the SERP entries marked Ad which are Pay Per Click entries.

Keyword Research

There are different ways you can determine a list of potential keywords:

  • Ones you know
  • Visit your competitors’ websites
  • Use Google (Adwords) Keyword Planner. Note: while Adwords is Google’s pay per click system, the planner is free (for now at least)


SEO copywriting serves three masters: your readers, the search engines, and the authority websites you want high quality links from.

Write informative, readable and concise copy relating to your subject matter and this will produce copy which will also lead to a higher place in the SERP ie it will be graded well by Google. Include the top 4-5 items from your list of keywords.

Links from other sites (known usually as backlinks) to yours are also well regarded by Google. They send a signal that your site is of value.

Your goal is to ensure that your content is fully optimized for your selected keywords.

Other SEO (not a complete list)

  • Add links to pages you want to be visible to search engines and visitors on the home page. By adding the right internal links you make sure Google understands the relevance of pages, the relationship between pages and the value of pages.
  • Make sure keywords appear in places like the meta tags, h1 tags, and image alt tags.
  • Ensure that you have keyword-associated phrases in your content together with your main keywords.

High Quality SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engines need to know the details of your business  website in order to index it. When you optimise words – keywords – a search engine is able to find your website when your customer types them in.

While this part of SEO is the primary component of a website, there are other important aspects such as the strength of the site’s copywriting.

Collaborating with you to understand who your ideal customer is, we can unearth the best keywords for your business and optimise your website to rank for these.

SEO services entail a continual updating of keywords  on your website and also offsite, such as citations in local directories.

SEO is a whole-of-site effort.

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How Long Does SEO Take?

Search engines need time to become familiar with your website and to build a certain amount of trust. Some businesses try to outfox Google but rarely succeed.

Continual SEO puts your website in front of your ideal customer and maintains it. Our experience shows that our affordable SEO packages require a minimum of six months to get full benefits for your business.

Gaining page 1 of Google is our ultimate goal for your business and we have clients achieving this.

webThemes guarantees ethical, analysed SEO that is essential to make your website succeed. Only this will provide long term rankings and increase sales leads for your business.

Become an authority in your trade or profession.

Build trust with your customers and with search engines by subscribing to our affordable SEO services.