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Did you think you were just buying a website? Think again.

Most people think they can merely buy a website structure, add the content, pay the web developer,  and end of story.  The more astute of you know differently however: that the website structure is the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t misunderstand me: it’s important. It defines the look and feel of the site…its colour scheme, its layout, its tone. In total, its appearance.

But the more important stuff is below the water line. It’s the raison d’être for your effort and expenditure.  It’s the content. What are you saying to prospective clients when you publish your website? Are you boring them, pushing your wares at them, confusing them? Or perhaps you are engaging them with brevity and clarity. Offering them useful information which is inspirational and focused on them and their problems.  So hopefully you’re addressing their needs….providing a solution to why they’re spending time searching the web.

Consider these three questions which website browsers say to themselves:

  1. Does this organisation care about me?
  2. Does it focus on the problems I face?
  3. Does it share my perspective or push its own on me?

In other words, do you care about the customer; do you focus on the customer’s problems; and do you understand the client’s perspective?

So you see, you are buying more than a website. You are buying a marketing platform which has to engage with your customers.

There are two other marketing platforms: social media and blogging. We’ll discuss those in future blogs.


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