When you want something beautiful, as well as functional, see webThemes. We will provide you with a website design which speaks to the human as well as to Google.


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For a great website

Are you looking for a Revesby web design and website development company? WebThemes is a local business with extensive experience in website needs analysis, web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), and content sourcing and creation.

We serve the locals of Revesby, South West Sydney, and also the wider metro area. We will travel any distance to meet you – this includes the initial meeting and follow-up sessions.

Being a web design company with a great deal of experience, we provide professional, forward-thinking and personalised web based solutions which will create online presence and sales for your business. webThemes prides itself in maintaining very competitive prices.

Our strengths are:
  • we believe in straight talking, not bending the truth
  • we are very articulate and can assist with, or completely write, textual content
  • webThemes can create different types (look, feel, colours, layouts) of websites
  • if you are not satisfied, we have a genuine money-back guarantee.
web development Revesby

Contract with us

When you contract with us, your website will include:
  • responsive web design for all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • high-level communication which is concise, supports your website’s objectives, and meets your readers’ needs
  • a colour and font combination which enhances your website design
  • well-selected images which support the overall look and feel of the site
  • the necessary components to boost the chances of your website being found in Google searches
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Website Copywriting

What is copywriting? It’s the creation of text for any kind of publication, including the subject here: websites. What you’re looking at is copy and the copywriter is Trevor Reeves of webThemes.

Okay, but why do we write copy? To inform, to entertain and to market products and services. You can use all three on your website if you want to. In fact, it would be a good strategy to do so: visitors to your site often want to be informed about your industry; they want to hear about what you are offering. And if you can wrap it up with some humour, you’re ahead of the pack.

When we write copy we need to consider:
  • Who are the readers and what research of the topic do I have to do?
  • For sales copy, highlight the benefits of the product
  • Use repetition – say things over again but in different ways
  • Use an active voice eg Read the conditions, not The conditions are available for reading.
  • Include a call to action – like Contact us today on 0402 527 679 or Complete the online form for your free eBook