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The driver of any marketing effort is of course the business plan which might include, for example, the objectives to increase sales by 10% over 6 months, as well as to increase brand awareness. From the determination of business objectives comes discussion of the various marketing strategies: are they to involve an online strategy, print media, TV, letter-box drops, or other channel?

This diagram places website marketing in context:


marketing diagram

As you can see, online marketing has multiple channels which are:

  • Website marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Display advertising
  • Video marketing
  • Writing articles for other websites
  • Affiliate marketing

You can see from the diagram that the website marketing channel is part of a much bigger picture. But such marketing is a very significant and cost-effective form of product promotion. To enable it, the following activities are relevant:

ActivityHelps User or Search Engine
Determine how website should fit the wider company brand.User
Choose a domain nameUser & Search Engine
Decide on the structure and meta-data of the websiteUser & Search Engine
Select typography, photography, illustrations and colour schemeUser
Create copywriting: the quality, source, type and number of articlesUser & Search Engine
Will your website will be listed on online directories?User
Create back-links (hyperlinks from other sites to yours)Search Engine

Market research should be considered with any marketing effort. The online marketing channels used might depend on the targeted demographic.


An important aide to website marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO must be infused into those activities listed above which help the search engine and should be borne in mind from the inception of the website. SEO is not an add-on activity.

So, there are three mandatory ingredients for a business being successfully seen on the internet and being subsequently contacted:

  • Matching of the searching keywords with the terms used on your website
  • The use of engaging typography, photography, illustrations and colour scheme
  • Exceptional facts and opinions (content)

A retail shop analogy to this is: good signage over and inside the shop, effective shop layout, and shop staff who provide knowledgeable advice about their products.