When you want something beautiful, as well as functional, see webThemes. We will provide you with a website design which speaks to the human as well as to Google.


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Did you know, that in relation to the suburb of Hurstville at the time of the last census in 2016:
  • there were 7,700 families and 10,500 private dwellings
  • the median age in Hurstville was 32 years
  • 38% of Hurstville residents were educated in a University / tertiary institution
  • 28% of people were born in Australia and 37% in China.
When seeking web design services in Hurstville, we urge you to consider webThemes – a business with far-reaching experience in website needs analysis, web design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and the use of a content management system (method for self-managing content on the website).

We serve the locals of Hurstville and also the wider metro area.

Being a Hurstville web design, website development company with a wealth of experience, we provide professional, timely and personalised web-based marketing solutions which will give you an online presence and also leads for your business.

Our strengths include:
  • webThemes offers different types of websites including look, feel, layouts and colours
  • we are eloquent with the English language and can assist with, or write, website copy
  • we believe in a no-nonsense approach in provision of an online business
  • if you are not satisfied, we have a genuine money-back guarantee.
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Contract with us

When you contract with us, your website will include:
  • responsive web design for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices
  • strong English expression which is concise, meets your website goals, and meets your readers’ needs
  • images chosen to support the overall look and feel of the site
  • fonts and a colour scheme which amplifies your website
  • search engine optimisation to boost the chances of your website being found in search engine queries (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).
Ask us any questions you have about the web design process, prices of a website, and about the time we’ll take. Let’s talk over the project at your location. When you make a decision about carrying out web design in Hurstville, contact webThemes on 0401 054 534.
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Pleasing two Masters

A website has two faces: one is for the search engine (I’m going to say Google from now on as they have about 75% of the market); the other is for the site’s readers. So, one for the machine and one for people.

What do I mean? I mean your web content is read by site visitors and read by Google. You have to make your content interesting and informative for your visitors in order to retain their interest and to help them make a decision to buy your product.

You have to make that same content of interest to Google – it determines your position in its search results pages, based on the quality of your content.

Generally speaking, if you please your visitors, you please Google who after all benefits by the searchers getting the results they want. They benefit because if the searchers find what they want quickly, they are more likely to return to Google (or Yahoo or Bing, etc) and to make them their search engine of choice.