When you want something beautiful, as well as functional, see webThemes. We will provide you with a website design which speaks to the human as well as to Google.


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WebThemes in Sydney

As at June 2017 the Sydney City area registered these interesting statistics:

  • the resident population in the local area was 224,211 people
  • on an average day, an estimated 615,000 day visitors and students come to the Sydney city centre to shop
  • the city has 60% of Sydney's hotel rooms and over the past decade the number of visitors staying in city hotels has increased by 1 million per year
  • 55% of local residents were born overseas

WebThemes – a business with extensive experience in website needs analysis, web design and development, and search engine optimisation - can provide Sydney businesses with the confidence they require in choosing a web design company.

Being a Sydney web design and development agency, we deliver professional, timely and personalised web-based marketing solutions which will give you an online presence and also sales for your business.

Our strengths include:

  • webThemes in Sydney offers a variety of website designs including professional, tradesman and eCommerce
  • we are proficient with the English language and can assist with, or completely write, your content
  • we offer a no-nonsense approach in the provision of website targeting Sydney or further afield
  • webThemes have a genuine money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
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Let us work for you in Sydney CBD

When you contract with us, your website will combine:

  • a responsive web design for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices
  • strong English language which is concise, meets your objectives, and appeals to your readers
  • images selected to complement the look and feel of the site
  • fonts and a colour scheme which amplify your digital presence
  • search engine optimisation to boost the prospect of your website being seen in search engine queries (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).
Ask us any questions you have about the web design process, a website quotation, and about the time we’ll take. Let’s talk over the project at your location in the City.
SEO Sydney

A little about SEO

There are three main aspects and many small ones which you need to address with SEO. The main ones are use of keywords; quality content (text, images etc); and backlinks. Backlinks are links to your website from other websites which have a good reputation in Google’s eyes.

Knowing your target keywords is important. It involves revealing which terms the bulk of people are using when they search for products or services such as yours. You place these terms into pages of your website in order for Google to match them up.

A somewhat difficult issue regarding keyword matching involves geographical location. For example, say a Google user is looking for a tree-felling service in Sutherland, Sydney. And you’re offering your service in a swathe of Sydney locations…therefore needing to capture the customer in Sutherland as well as numerous other suburbs. The way to tackle this is to have a landing page for each location or for several hub locations. But beware: if you do this wrong Google will penalise you. Each landing page has to be unique.

There are ways of finding out whether your SEO efforts are paying off. One way – which is free – is to use Google Analytics. It provides data such as the number of visits to your website, average spent on the Home page, and which other web pages on the site are visited.