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WebThemes is an Australian small business with experience in web design and website development.  We also provide services in search engine optimisation (SEO).

We do not have years of experience and our websites will not win awards.

However, what we can say is this:

  • Our websites start from $700 not $3,000
  • We can write your website copy (the words)
  • We source or produce authentic graphics and photos
  • webThemes offers a genuine money-back guarantee

Why Have a Website?

There are a number of reasons why a business should have a website, regardless of its size. Website development by webThemes can help you achieve these benefits.

I’m Here

Your website announces that you’re here, open for business.

What I do

It tells your website visitors what you do – about your products and services

I do it Like This

Your site explains how you do your work and about the quality of what you do

The Benefits of What I do

A professional website explains the benefits of what you deliver


Your website should educate people about your industry.


You are getting your message out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Unlimited Coverage 

Your website has local, Australian and global audiences

Learn About Your Customers 

Software can help you to better understand your website visitors

Our Values

Value for money is what this Sydney web developer will deliver.  Take a look at our Packages for sample prices.

We believe that being down to earth is a must when carrying out web development. We offer honesty and integrity.

Do you want flexible?  webThemes offers client satisfaction first, and chases profits second.


Our 30 years’ experience in IT will define your needs.

Web Design

Web design takes requirements and maps out the layout and user experience.


After web design, we’ll carry out web development on the WordPress framework.


We’ll get you seen on the web with SEO, organic or paid.

Do you need a website?

About 45 per cent of small businesses don’t want a website. Even so, customers are still going online to look for businesses like yours. Freelancers, retailers, consultants, tradies  – in fact, just about any company – can use a website to be more easily found when a customer or client is looking for their service.

An effective website is at the core of a small company’s marketing efforts.  It houses key information, and your potential clients expect you to have one.

A website provides data to help customers compare your offering with the many others they find online. Show examples of your previous work and list details about your services.  You should also demonstrate your expertise with articles and handy tips, or simply highlight your unique selling points. A website is one of the most effective ways to not only get your business found, but also noticed.


Customers value search tools like Google above all else when looking for a product or service.  Small businesses may be at risk of missing the chance to be found.

The results of any online search are in response to the specific keywords or phrases the user enters  to find information.  They search for data like the type or location of a service or product. If your business isn’t easily found in the search results for relevant (particularly localised) keyword searches, you may as well be invisible.

SEO involves identifying the best keywords and phrases customers might typically use to find a business like yours (e.g. ‘Eastern Sydney restaurants’) and adjusting the text and other elements on your website. Search engines will then identify your business as more relevant to that particular search query and rank it higher.

Meeting expectations

Your customers are making informed choices, with plenty of research, word of mouth and exploring online. They’ve looked at your website, read online reviews, followed your social media accounts, and maybe even got in touch directly. They’re pretty sure they know what to expect from you.

Now your web design has to deliver on their expectation – that’s anything from product and service delivery times, to cost and availability. The way you interact with your customer will help make them like you, but delivering a trouble-free outcome is where a long relationship starts.


How long will a website take to build?

It takes 2-3 weeks depending on the website content. That duration assumes the client is available for consultation.

In fact a 3 page static site can be done in a week.

What is the process of creating a website?

The steps in creating a website are:

. Web developer Determines the objective and scope of the site
. Produce an outline of the site content
. Start SEO by doing keyword analysis
. Design the site
. Produce content (using keywords) and obtain images and other media
. Develop the site and load content
. Test the site (loading time, linkages, content flow, etc)
. Finish SEO activity
. Go live

How will I market my site?

Any new website requires nurturing to be noticed.

Activities involved with this are:

. Search Engine Optimisation
. Use of social media
. Blogging
. Writing very good content (useful, informative, concise, etc)